Friday, 24 March 2023
Product Detail of - PAN-A Series Linear DC Power Supply
Product Category : DC Power Supply
Series : Linear DC Power Supply

High Reliability DC Power Supply (CV/CC)

DC power supply PAN-A series with reliability and safety cultivated by experience!

The PAN-A series is a high-performance, highly reliable DC power supply unit featuring regulated variable voltage. These units are suitable for use in a range of fields including research and development, quality control, and production. The PAN-A series consists of a pre-regulator using FETs and a series regulator using power transistors, providing the high-quality input characteristic of the latter as well as the low power-source harmonic distortion of choke input type phase control. To achieve the high reliability and safety important for power supply, components of sufficient derating and long-proven mounting techniques are used throughout. All models are carefully designed and furnished with over voltage protection (OVP) and various safety functions.

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