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Product Detail of - PBZ- Bipolar DC power Supply
Product Category : DC Power Supply
Series : Programmable Bipolar DC Power Supply

Programmable Bipolar Power Supply (CV/CC)

Intelligent power supply providing arbitrary waveform generation and accurate power simulation!

The PBZ is a series of bipolar DC programmable power supplies that can smoothly pass through zero to provide ± voltage and ± current without changing the output terminals. The PBZ is capable of 4-quad-rant operation, meaning that it is capable of both sourcing and sinking power, ideal for driving both inductive and capacitive loads.Thispower supply comes equipped with a built-in function generator, allowing for easy waveform and sequence generation. The output cur-rent of the PBZ can be expanded among multiple units by using the synchronization feature. The switching + linear design of the PBZ has allowed for a 40% reduction in weight (approx. 22kg) while achieving extremely high-speed operation (CV mode: 100kHz) and low ripple noise.

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