Wednesday, 06 December 2023
Product Detail of - KDS6-0.2TR
Product Category : DC Power Supply
Series : Precision DC Source


  • 3-channel voltage standard
    [CH1: 0 to +6 V/200 mA, CH2: 0 to +6 V/30 mA, CH3: 0 to +6 V/
    30 mA (COM of 3-channel in common)]
  • Remote sensing function that compensates for voltage drops at the output terminal
  • Best suited to operation tests for VCO and many other types
    of sensors
  • Voltage setting resolution of 100 μV (allows a different voltage
    to be set independently for each channel)
  • Current reading resolution of 0.1 μA* (in standard mode)
  • Ripple noise level lower than 100 μVrms, thus supporting
    measurements of high-sensitivity devices
  • High-resolution meter with an easy-to-view, 6-digit current
    display (no external ammeter needed)
  • Supports RS-232C and GPIB as standard interfaces
  • High-speed operation
    Current value refresh interval: 60 ms (in high-speed mode)
    Setting/readout speed: 5 ms (reference value for GPIB)
  • Comes with a D-Sub 25 pin connector allowing for noise

*1 μA resolution for the 200 mA range

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